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70’s Vision (WandaVision)

A man in color

Vision is represented as we see him in the first episode of the season in color with a typical 70’s look. He wears blue jeans with pointed leather boots and a green sweater and light brown jacket. Here he has his real look with his pink skin and the metallic elements on his face. On his left hand is his wedding ring and he is holding a book in his right hand.


A new life

Vision is one of the main characters of the WandaVision series from Marvel Studios. The series is initially very mysterious as we find Wanda and Vision in a 50’s sitcom atmosphere. They would have just gotten married and moved to the small town of Westview. However, beyond the era, we know that Vision was dead, killed by Thanos while the two Avengers had retired to Scotland to try to live a normal life together. Each episode takes place in a different era, 50’s, 60’s until in the 70’s, Wanda is suddenly pregnant and gives birth to two twins in the same episode. Vision spends this episode chasing the doctor while Wanda gives birth with the help of her friend. But Vision also starts to perceive strange things in this world.


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