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The Vision glows in the dark (WandaVision)

A glows in the dark version

Vision is shown here in a glows in the dark version with parts of his costume and boots glowing in the dark. He is shown flying on a transparent plastic base. His costume is all white and tight with a kind of scale texture. He has one leg bent forward and his arms open and stretched forward. On the head, it is also all white and we recognize the features that mix human skin and robotic parts. Finally, there is a blue light on the forehead.


A new Vision

The Vision is a new version of the character of Vision created by the American government in order to make a weapon and especially to fight Wanda Maximoff in the series WandaVision. This series takes place after the events of Avengers Infinity War and Endgame and Wanda is struggling to come to terms with Vision’s death. When she goes to the town where Vision had bought land to build a house, her sadness becomes too strong and her powers make her create a world inspired by the shows she watched as a child in which she is happy, married to Vision and has two children. But to do this, she also takes control of the people in the city to make them part of her fantasy world. The government agency SWORD, which had kept Vision’s robotic body, builds a new version programmed to kill her and the version of Vision she has re-created. But the other Vision finally convinces him to help them.


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