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Halloween Wanda (WandaVision)

A nod to the comics

Wanda is shown here as she is seen celebrating Halloween with her children in the episode. Her costume is a nod to Scarlett Witch’s rather bare costume in the comics. She wears a red leotard with matching boots and cape and pink tights. She also wears red gloves and holds a pumpkin-shaped basket in her left hand. On the head, we find her curly red hair and this kind of crown that she also wears in the comics.


Wanda in the 2000s

Wanda is the heroine of the crazy WandaVision series. This one follows the events of the Avengers movies and the fight against Thanos during which Vision, Wanda’s lover, died. At the beginning of the series however, we find them in a 50’s sitcom universe, married and trying to have a normal life in a small town in New Jersey. But we quickly understand that it is Wanda who creates all this universe. In the course of the episodes, Wanda will go from one era and one type of series to another until she finds herself in a world that looks a lot like the one of the series Malcolm from the early 2000s. Then her brother shows up, although he is also dead, and Wanda feels that she is starting to lose control


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