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50’s Vision (WandaVision)

A perfect man

Vision is represented here as a perfect man of the 50s. He is of course in shades of gray and wears an elegant suit with a tie and fashionable shoes of the time. He also wears glasses and a hat and holds his briefcase in his right hand.


A robot in the past

Vision is one of the main characters of the WandaVision series from Marvel studios, taking place after the events of the movies Avengers Infinity Wars and Endgame. Vision is an android designed by Tony Stark and includes both the personality of his artificial intelligence Jarvis and the Mind Stone. This gives him unusual powers but also a soul” making him partly human. He tried to fight Thanos who wanted the spirit stone but lost the fight and died. In WandaVision, we find him in the first episode in a 50’s sitcom world and having just settled in a small town with Wanda, whom he had fallen in love with, where they both try to integrate despite their differences. If the beginning of the series is quite mysterious, we can realize from the end of the first episode that they are being watched by someone.


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