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Halloween Vision (WandaVision)

A comic book Vision

Vision is represented here as he is in this Halloween episode. He is wearing a tight green leotard with yellow shorts, yellow sneakers and a yellow cape. His face is roughly painted red and he wears a sort of green hood with a fake rock on his forehead. Finally, he holds a small pumpkin-shaped basket in his right hand.


Funny Halloween

Vision is one of the main characters of the WandaVision series. This one takes place shortly after the events of the movie Avengers Endgame and therefore the death of Vision. Vision was created by mixing the artificial intelligence Jarvis with the body of an android and giving him powers and a soul” with the soul stone. He and Wanda fell in love and tried to escape from the Avengers to live a normal life. We find them at the beginning of the series married and living in a sitcom universe of the 50s. As the episodes progress, we find them in different eras and different types of series and we quickly understand that this whole world is controlled by Wanda. In the sixth episode of season 1, set in a Malcolm-like universe of the early 2000s, the couple celebrates Halloween with their twins and Vision and Wanda put on a costume very similar to the one they wear in the comics.


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