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Agent Carter (Marvel’s Agent Carter)

Peggy Carter and her famous red hat

Peggy Carter is represented here with the iconic outfit she wears in the first scene of the series and on the promo pictures of the first season. As in the series, she wears this very tight blue suit with matching heels. At the level of the head, her face is simple but we recognize her typical 40’s haircut and her nice brown hair. She is also wearing her famous red hat with the nice detail of the ribbon and the movement. The figure also has many nice details like the straps of her shoes, her nail polish or her earrings. In her hand, she holds one of the mysterious items stolen from Howard Stark’s trunk that Peggy Carter will try to find.


The Founder of S.H.I.E.L.D

Agent Peggy Carter is the main character of the American series Marvel’s Agent Carter which takes place in the late 1940s just after World War II. The character of Peggy Carter first appeared in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. In this film, which takes place during the war, the Secret Service seeks to recruit a young man to test a serum on him that will make him particularly strong and fast. Peggy Carter is one of the people who oversee this project and insists that Steve Rogers be chosen despite his physical appearance and become Captain America. After the supposed death of Steve Rogers and the end of the war, Peggy Carter finds herself working at the SSR office in New York. But being a woman in a very misogynistic environment, she will have to fight to have her talents as a secret agent recognized and not be relegated to making coffee. She will be helped by Howard Stark and especially Jarvis, her shock maitre d’.


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