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Agent Venom Thunderbolts (Venom)

A terrifying soldier

Eugene Thompson is thus represented here in a soldier’s outfit when he is mixed with Venom. He is wearing an almost all-black outfit with a few red lines, metal-reinforced boots with spikes and several harnesses for his ammunition. In his right hand he holds a large rifle and his other fist is clenched. At the head level, we find his large mouth with pointed teeth and a large pink tongue sticking out of it. He wears a kind of mask that covers his whole face but we find the typical shape of Venom’s eyes, here circled in red.


A complex story

Agent Venom is the code name of Eugene Thompson, a character from the Marvel universe and more specifically Spider-Man. He went to the same high school as Peter Parker and spent his high school years teasing him while worshipping Spider-Man. When he realized that Peter Parker wasn’t taking it anymore, he changed his mind about him. In college the two became friends. Then Thompson joined the army and depending on the version, lost both his legs or was just” injured in the war. Back in the United States and sinking into depression, the army finally offered him to come back and be part of a kind of secret commando by joining forces with Venom to become stronger and carry out very dangerous missions.


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