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Venomized Captain America (Venom)

A terrifying appearance

When Venom infects its hosts, it partly changes their physical appearance, and that’s how Funko has represented Captain America here. He’s wearing his usual blue suit with a helmet and brown boots and gloves that add that little retro feel to the character. Maus we can see that his shield is partly covered with the black stuff that Venom is made of and that his hands are clawed. But the difference is especially noticeable at the level of the head. Indeed, his face is almost opened in two by this huge mouth with pointed fangs and this long pink tongue that protrudes from it.his eyes are also deformed to remind those of Venom.


A notion of morality not really compatible

Captain America is one of the most famous Marvel heroes and the first of the Avengers. He was originally a puny young man who wanted to join the army at all costs during the Second World War. He was then offered to participate in scientific experiments that made him much faster, bigger and stronger and almost invulnerable. He then became Captain America, America’s hero with impeccable moral values. Venom, on the other hand, is a parasitic entity that needs to take control of a human being in order to act. It first appeared in Spiderman before having its own adventures. It usually takes control of its hosts while they are sleeping and hunts down criminals and kills them without hesitation.


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