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Venomized Thanos (Venom)

A terrifying appearance

On this figurine, we can see Thanos’ imposing stature as well as his outfit made of a sleeveless tunic, boots and his famous gloves. But Venom has it, all these elements are black and white instead of purple and gold and we find the logo representing an insect in the center of his chest. At the level of the head, we just find the chin so specific and purple of Thanos but the top of the face has already the shape of Venom. We also find his long red tongue as well as his teeth cut in points. Finally, he produces in his right hand a kind of translucent blue flame.


The most powerful parasite

Venom is a parasitic alien entity that can only live through a person’s body. It usually takes over a person’s body at night and the person in question doesn’t remember anything that Venom did and just wakes up very tired. He first appeared in the Spiderman comics before getting his own adventures. If he is an antagonist at the beginning because of his murderous tendencies, he is nevertheless ambivalent and has a form of morality since he only goes after criminals. In his own adventures, we can see Venom attacking many Marvel heroes or villains to take over their bodies. And what better target than Thanos, the big bad of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Originating from the planet Titan, the character is almost invincible and ultra powerful.


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