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Venomized Doctor Strange (Venom)

A disturbing encounter

Doctor Strange is thus represented here as on the variant cover of his comic in Venomized version, that is to say in the process of being infected by the famous alien symbiote. He is wearing his usual blue and yellow outfit with boots, but we can see the black substance of which Venom is composed already infecting one of his legs and inscribing his symbol on his chest. His famous big red cape allowing him to fly is expanding and becoming partly black with fangs. His head is almost completely infected and his mouth has expanded to reveal a row of sharp teeth.


The meeting of two legends

Doctor Strange is a famous superhero of the Marvel universe. He was a very rich and talented surgeon who found himself unable to use his hands after a terrible car accident. He then heard about a patient who had a miraculous healing after a visit to a mysterious monastery in Nepal. He decided to go there, but he would not only meet a healer, but an order of sorcerers who had been protecting the Earth from occult magical forces for thousands of years. He will prove to be an excellent student and will become the magical protector of New York City. Venom is an alien symbiote who first appeared in the Spiderman comics as a villain before being given his own adventures. In 2016, on the occasion of the release of an important Venom comic, Marvel also released about twenty variant covers of other comics of various superheroes including the issue 18 of Doctor Strange released in 2015.


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