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Venomized Iron Man (Venom)

A terrifying character

For this version of Venom, Iron Man is represented in his full armor flying away but contaminated by Venom. His armor has become almost completely black except for a few red spots and his reactor has become red instead of blue. On his torso, the Venom symbol can now be seen and spikes have grown on his arms and legs, adding to his not-so-reassuring appearance. The normally blue jets on his armor are now a dark red. Finally, his head has the famous large white eyes typical of Venom and his mouth opens to two impressive rows of mechanical teeth.


A lethal combination

Venom is one of the most famous anti-heroes of the Marvel universe. He is a creature of extraterrestrial origin of parasitic type, and who needs the body of another creature to survive. We meet him for the first time in the Spiderman comics. Venom takes over Peter Parker’s body while he sleeps to go on a crime spree. Indeed, if Venom has strong violent impulses, he usually tries to let them express themselves only towards those he thinks deserve it. Venom was a very popular character and eventually became the anti-hero of his own comic book series after helping Spiderman fight Carnage. In these comics, Venom finds himself possessing several Marvel heroes including the mighty Iron Man. This is very convenient for him since it allows him to take advantage of Tony Stark’s advanced technologies, his intelligence, as well as his power and money.


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