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Venom X-23 (Venom)


A Wolverine

X-23 clone is a character from the Marvel comics belonging more specifically to the X-Men universe. She is a clone made from Wolverine’s DNA by Hydra to make her a super soldier trained only for combat. Despite this, she eventually joined a secret unit of the X-Men formed by Cyclops and took on the name Wolverine when Logan died. Venom is an alien parasite who started out as Spiderman’s enemy but eventually became friends with him and became a protector of New York by sharing Eddie Brock’s body with him. In the Venom comics dedicated to him, Venom has parasitized the body of many superheroes of the Marvel universe for a few issues or adventures, including that of X-23. We can see the classic yellow X-Men suit with the X on the chest and in this case the Adamantium claws coming out of the hands and feet of the character. But being venomized” X-23 also has this big mouth open on sharp teeth and a long pink tongue. We can also see his large white eyes taking the shape of the mask of this famous character.


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