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Venomized Loki (Venom)

A rather terrifying look

Loki is represented here with his full god look, his long green coat, his black boots but especially his golden helmet with horns and his matching scepter. But having been parasitized by Venom, his appearance is very modified. Venom’s logo now appears on his torso, but his face is very different: all black with big white eyes and a wide mouth open on pointed fangs and a long pink tongue. His scepter is also now in the image of Venom. The head that usually adorns the end of the scepter now has funny pointed fangs with a long pink tongue.


A dangerous combination

Venom is a famous villain from the Marvel universe who first appeared in the adventures of Spiderman. He is an alien parasite who needs to take possession of a body in order to survive. The people he takes over usually don’t realize it because he takes over their bodies in their sleep. Venom has an instinct to kill, but he only kills other criminals that he deems particularly evil. This has made him a sort of anti-hero and has given him the right to his own adventures. In these, Venom finds himself parasitizing many heroes and villains of the Marvel universe, including Loki. Loki is the adopted brother of the famous god of Asgard Thor and in fact the son of an ice giant. Loki is known for his magical powers and his habit of always transforming his appearance, which will please Venom.


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