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Venom (Venom)


Venom is shown here infecting his host with this black substance that has already largely covered the character. His body is muscular and his hands end in sharp claws. His logo can be found on his torso, looking like an alien version of Spiderman’s. At the level of the head, we find its immense white eyes and especially this mouth with sharp fangs and the large pointed tongue.


A parasitic life form

Venom is a famous anti-hero of the Marvel universe. He is a parasitic life form that needs to take control of another living being (usually a human) in order to do what he wants. Venom usually takes control while the person is sleeping and the person just feels very tired without remembering anything. It also changes the physical appearance of the character. For example, Spiderman’s costume turned black when he was under Venom’s control. Although he is very violent, Venom usually chooses his victims because he sees them as evil and thus makes his notion of justice”.


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