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Venomized Hulk (Venom)

A terrifying creature

For this specific version of the Hulk, Funko has depicted him with his green skin and his very impressive muscular physique. He is also being infected by Venom, which makes him even more angry and terrifying. We find his white logo on a black background as well as his spiky tongue that wraps around his arms and legs. Finally, he has this big mouth with sharp teeth that is particularly strange.


A powerful combination

Hulk is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe. He is the alter ego of Doctor Bruce Banner, he shows up when the doctor is particularly angry. He is very big, very strong, can jump very far and is almost immortal, but he is also uncontrollable. Venom is a parasitic entity that can take over any human. Usually while he is asleep, so the character in question doesn’t know what is happening and just feels particularly tired. Venom first appeared in the Spiderman comics but has also had his own adventures.


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