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Corrupted Venom (Venom)

An Evil Venom

Venom is portrayed here in a corrupted version and thus with a very different appearance. He still has a human base but instead of his black texture enveloping his body, there are some kind of red tentacles and his logo is also covered with this substance. On the head, we find his big mouth, his long tongue and his sharp teeth but instead of his big eyes, we find red spirals that are disturbing to say the least.


Venom in danger

Venom is a character from the Marvel universe who first appeared as an enemy of Spiderman. He is an alien symbiote that needs a human or other complex life form to cling to for survival. He parasitizes Spiderman for a time before attaching himself to Eddie Brock. And if Venom has a thirst for violence, he also has a heart to kill only people he considers bad, so criminals or assassins. Venom was so popular that he had his own adventures where he lived in harmony with Eddie Brock and in which Spiderman accepted him as an ally to defend the streets of New York. In his latest adventures written by Donny Cates, an ancient evil awakens in New York that threatens to corrupt Venom despite his efforts to resist.


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