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Venomized Green Goblin (Venom)

A not reassuring appearance

The green goblin is represented here on his famous flying black scooter with his green goblin outfit and his purple gloves and boots. We can see that his body is being transformed by Venom. His wide mouth is open with two rows of sharp teeth and his long pink tongue sticking out. Finally, he is holding a burning pumpkin in his hand.


A terrifying combination

Green Goblin is one of the most famous enemies of Spiderman and to a lesser extent of other characters of the Marvel universe. Rich industrialist at the head of Oscorp, Norman Osborne was exposed to a formula that increased his intellectual and physical faculties tenfold but also gradually drove him insane. He then became the super villain Green Goblin, developing an obsession for Spiderman. Venom is an alien symbiote that requires another person’s body to survive. He can take complete control when that person is sleeping. The comic book series Venomized features different stories with Venom taking control of various characters from the Marvel universe.


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