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Venomized Kingpin (Venom)

White turns to black

KingPin is of course shown here with one of his elegant white suits and his imposing figure. But he is already partly transformed by Venom. His white suit is splashed with black, his jacket and shirt already black. His hands have also become black and some kind of tentacles carry from his hands and from his cane. The most important transformation is of course his head. This one is all black with its white eyes and its almost non-existent nose and of course, we find this large mouth opened on two rows of pointed teeth.


A gangster and a parasite

Kingpin is a super-villain of the Marvel universe that we find first as an enemy of Spider-Man before he becomes the sworn enemy of Daredevil. He is a big boss of the New York underworld who employs many assassins to do his dirty work. Unlike other super-villains, he has no superpowers but is particularly strong and physically imposing, and has managed to fight Spider-Man on several occasions. Venom is a parasitic alien entity that needs to take over a human body to survive. In the Venomized comic book series, he is seen taking over many superheroes and super-villains for exclusive covers.


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