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Agnes (Moi, Moche et M?chant 2)

The little girl in the overalls

Agnes is the youngest of the three girls and therefore probably the one who lends herself best to the style of Funko’s pop figurines. The creators of the figurine have respected the proportions of a little girl by giving her for example a round belly. Her outfit is also perfectly respected. We find her blue overalls on a striped t-shirt, as well as some fine details like the red buttons on the overalls or the white sneakers. At the level of the face, we find well her black hair styled in a small quilt on the top of the head and her thick fringe. Agnes has the black eyes characteristic of the pop figurines but with long black eyelashes and an adorable little round nose that contrasts with the usual triangular nose of these figurines. In the end, it’s a very successful model although we regret the absence of the unicorn plush that the little girl likes so much!

A funny adoptive father for Agnes

Agnes is one of the main characters of the animated films Me, Ugly and Bad” 1 and 2. These cartoons tell the story of Gru, a super villain specialized in spectacular robberies. After being robbed by a young super villain who stole one of the great pyramids of Egypt, he decides to take his revenge. He plans to steal the Moon, but for that he will need a reducer, also stolen by the young super villain. To get it back, he plans to use young orphan girls selling cookies to get into his house. That’s where Agnes and her two older sisters, Edith and Margo, come in. The three little girls live at Miss Hattie’s orphanage, where they are not exactly happy. When she tells them that they have been adopted, the girls think that it is the chance of a lifetime, but they are soon disappointed. However, despite a bad start, Gru will end up getting attached to the three little girls and will adopt them for good. In the second part of their adventures, a former enemy of Gru will try to use the little girls against him, forcing him to come out of retirement.


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