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Minion Dave (Moi, Moche et M?chant 2)

maybe genetic experiments

but we do know that they are very loyal to Gru. They are mostly known for their taste for bananas, their rather silly side and the incomprehensible gibberish in which they express themselves. Sometimes you can hear a few words of English and even French. This is not surprising since, although originally dubbed in English, the film is French and the main voices of the minions are those of the creators of the film. Although there are hundreds of them and they all sound the same, some minions, like Carl or Dave, are a little more prominent in the films. They are, among others, the ones who take care of the children adopted by Gru in the first movie. In the second movie, the minions are kidnapped by a former enemy of Gru who makes them very strong and bad.

A minion among hundreds

Dave is one of the characters of the movies Despicable Me” 1 and 2. In this animated film, Gru is a super villain specialized in high-flying burglary. In these undertakings, he is helped by an old scientist a little deaf and an army of minions. These minions, which include Dave, are funny yellow creatures. We don’t know exactly what they are


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