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Gru (Moi, Moche et M?chant 2)

Small legs and big nose

In both movies, gru’s physical appearance doesn’t vary at all and remains very sober, which has been perfectly reproduced on this figurine. In accordance with his status as a super villain, he wears a black outfit: pants and a jacket with a zipper. To this, he only adds a black and gray striped scarf that he never seems to leave. If his outfit is not remarkable, his silhouette is however very particular. Funko has deviated from the usual male figurine shapes to be faithful to the character with his skinny legs and his oversized bust. For his face, Funko has once again not hesitated to vary from its habits. Indeed if the head is of the classic shape, his eyes are as if half closed to give him this perpetually annoyed look. Of course the creators did not forget the big hooked nose so characteristic of his face. In order not to separate the group, it will be necessary to accompany Gru from Agnes and her minions: Carl and Dave.

A French super villain

Gru is the main character of the animated films Moi Moche et M?chant” 1 and 2. These French cartoons tell the story of Gru, a super villain specialized in the most spectacular robberies and misdeeds. In the first movie, after stealing one of the great pyramids of Giza, he decides to steal the moon. To do this, he needs a reducer that he must also steal from a scientific laboratory! Unable to receive help from the bank of super villains, he devises a plan in which he will use three little orphans (Margot, Agnes and Edith) to achieve his goals. But everything will not go as planned and he will find himself getting attached to the three sisters he has adopted. He is helped in his plans by an old scientist and an army of minions, funny yellow creatures with an incomprehensible language. In the second episode of his adventures, Gru has become an honest man. He has definitely adopted the girls and his secret laboratory is now used to create new candies! But one of his old enemies will resurface with an evil plan and he’ll have to team up with a new partner.


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