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Kyle (Moi, Moche et M?chant 3)

A pet for super villain

As in the movie, we can see that Kyle is an animal standing on all fours like a dog with a kind of black coat even if this one seems to be almost pointed. On the head, Kyle has a rather impressive lower jaw with a row of uneven teeth sticking out. His two big black eyes sticking out of his head also make him look a bit like an insect. This trait is also accentuated by the sort of antennae he has on the top of his head.

A funny dog

Kyle is a creature more or less assimilated to a dog in the series of animated films Me, Ugly and Bad 1, 2 and 3 and the Minions. In these films, Gru is a super villain whose career is starting to decline and he will then decide to steal the Moon. In order to do this, he will have to put in place a number of plans, including adopting three orphaned girls. But against all odds, he will end up getting attached to them and finally decide to settle down. In the second installment, Gru finds love and in the third, Gru learns about a hidden brother, also a super-villain. Kyle is Gru’s pet but like the Minions, we never know what he is really supposed to be.


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