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Minion Carl (Moi, Moche et M?chant 2)

An adorable little monster

Minions are funny yellow creatures with a very particular shape. Funko had to adapt the usual shape of its figurines to fit them. Like all minions, Dave is all yellow, all round with a flat top of the head. Only his short legs and arms stick out of his body. Like all minions, he wears blue overalls with the G” logo for Gru on the front pocket. What characterizes him is his single eye compared to the other minions who may have two or three, as well as his few spiky hairs on his head. Like all minions, he often works on dangerous projects, so he wears large round goggles and black work gloves. Finally, for once, the creators of the figure have added a smiling mouth to the character’s face, which gives him that sweet but also slightly silly look that minions often have.

An important minion

Carl is a character of the animated films Me Ugly and Mean” 1 and 2 produced by Universal Pictures but directed by the French Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin. We follow the story of Gru, a super villain specialized in burglary. To do this, he is helped by an old scientist a little deaf and an army of minions. These minions, of which Carl is a part, are funny yellow creatures speaking a mixture of several languages such as English, French or Spanish. We don’t really know what they are but they are particularly loyal to Gru. They have a well-known passion for bananas and are particularly fond of stupid games and experiments. Although there are hundreds of them and they all look alike, Gru knows them all by their first name but some minions, like Carl or Dave, seem more important since Gru gives them greater responsibilities. In the first movie, Gru adopts three little girls just to help him in one of his robberies but he will eventually get attached to them and adopt them permanently. In the second film, he has become a stay-at-home dad but has to go back to work to help the Secret Service stop the super villain El Macho. Carl is one of the few minions who takes care of, among others, the three orphan girls adopted by Gru.


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