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Tourist Dave (Moi, moche et m?chant 3)

Minions on vacation

Tourist Dave is one of Gru’s minions, the hero of the animated films Despicable Me 1, 2 and 3. Gru was a super-villain who, after adopting three young orphaned girls to steal the moon, ended up becoming really attached to them and eventually became a good guy. In the second film, he was recruited to become a spy and help capture another supervillain but in the third film, he loses his job. Not knowing what to do with his life but not wanting to become a super-villain again, he is abandoned by his minions, those hundreds of funny little yellow creatures that had been at his command for years. Some of them go on vacation while waiting to find a new job or a new employer. This is the case of Dave, a real tourist, who is represented here on vacation with a very clich? look of a vacationer. We find his little yellow body with his funny big eyes and his glasses which seem to be an integral part of his body. In addition to that, he wears a white tank top, shorts, sneakers and a fanny pack of flashy colors. To complete his look, he also wears a straw hat and he also carries a bag that allows him to put his drinking cup with a straw in it.


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