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Evil Minion (Moi, Moche et M?chant 2)

El Macho’s henchman

This minion is inspired by one of those transformed by the transmutation serum created by the terrible super villain El Macho. While the minions are yellow and always smiling, we can see that this one has been made purple and looks rather aggressive with its many teeth that stand out. However, he has been represented with asymmetrical eyes squinting slightly to give him a crazy look and more comical than terrifying. While classic minions usually only have a few hairs on their head, the Evil Minion has a big tuft of hair on his head giving him the look of a mad scientist. The Evil Minions having been transformed by El Macho, they now serve him and wear black overalls with the letter M” for El Macho and no longer the blue one with the letter “G” for Gru. Finally this Evil Minion has been endowed with particularly long arms that touch the ground, which adds to the somewhat ridiculous look of this character.

The transformed minion

The Evil Minion is one of the characters of the animated film Me, Ugly and Bad 2, the sequel of the film Me, Ugly and Bad, released in 2010. In this first movie, Gru, a super villain, plans to shrink the Moon in order to steal it. In order to carry out his project, he will have to adopt three young orphan girls who will help him enter the lair of another super villain to steal the shrinking gun he needs. But that was without counting on the fact that he would really get attached to the three girls. In the second film, Gru has become a stay-at-home dad, but his past catches up with him when secret agent Lucy Wilde asks him to help her stop the supervillain El Macho who has created a transmutation serum. From the beginning, Gru has been helped by hundreds of little yellow creatures he calls minions. These strange characters, who speak a mixture of English, French, Spanish and Italian, are often stupid and a bit crazy, but sometimes very endearing. In the second film, they become more important when El Macho kidnaps them one by one to test his famous transmutation serum. This makes them purple and especially mean and strong. Gru will have to do everything to save them.


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