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I Heart Gru Mel (Moi, moche et m?chant 3)

A true fan

Like all minions, Mel is a funny little yellow guy with two short legs and two long arms. He wears the standard blue overalls with the G for Gru logo on them and goggles over his one eye. On his head he wears a blue cap with the message I (heart) Gru written on it.

A faithful minion

Mel is one of the rare minions who stay with Gru in the third opus of the Me, Ugly and Bad movies. Indeed, after Gru loses his job as a spy and refuses to become a supervillain again, most of the minions abandon him to find a new master. Mel is one of the few who stays by his side while he reconnects with his brother and tries to decide what to do with his life from now on.


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