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Fire Alarm Minion (Despicable Me)

Not the smartest minion

As his name suggests, this minion is the one who is there to take on the role of the fire alarm, probably because it amuses him rather than out of any real need. He is wearing the blue overalls of all the minions with the G of Gru on the front pocket, as well as black gloves and shoes. In his left hand he holds a megaphone in which he shouts in imitation of a fire alarm. On his head are placed three big red cones used for the light alarm in addition to the auditory alarm.

A slightly ridiculous minion

Minions are the strange yellow creatures of unknown origin that are at the orders of the super villain Gru in the Me, Ugly and Bad movies. And although they are mostly attracted to evil, they continue to serve Gru when he adopts three little girls and decides to turn to a career as a spy where he works for good. The minions speak in a language that is difficult to understand and love to do silly things or things that don’t make sense. One of these minions is seen in the movies with a megaphone and fire alarms on his head when one of them accidentally starts a fire in the house.


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