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Bored Silly Kevin (Les Minions)

A very successful figurine

During the movie, the minions decide, on an idea of Kevin, to go fishing under the ice. To do so, they wear clothes adapted to the cold. Kevin is different from the others mainly because of his size. While the minions are generally small and almost all round, Kevin is taller and thinner than the others. He is also characterized by the wisp of hair on his head and his two eyes (while many minions have only one or three). Like all minions, no matter what period of the story, he always wears some kind of big glasses like laboratory glasses. Like in the movie, he wears a brown skin coat with fur on the collar and sleeves, with details like the clasp nicely represented. He also wears brown gloves and shoes and holds in his left hand the fish he apparently just caught. Finally, as is often the case with these creatures, Kevin has a bit of a goofy grin on his lips. For The Minions, Funko has created four new figures in addition to Kevin and they are all more fun than the last.

The fishing minion

Kevin is one of the characters of the animated film The Minions” released in July 2015. The Minions is derived from the animated films “Me, Ugly and Bad 1 and 2”, which tell the story of the super villain Gru. In these two films, he is assisted by an army of strange yellow creatures, the minions, who are particularly loyal to him. They particularly contributed to the success of the first film and were therefore given a slightly more important role in the second film. As their success continued to grow, the studios that had produced and directed the first two films logically decided to write a film entirely devoted to them. The film begins by telling the story of where these strange creatures come from, tracing the history of minions through the ages. Then the film focuses on their encounter with the first super villain they worked for before the famous Gru. Here, we find Kevin, one of the minions having a rather important role in the movie, with the outfit he wears when he decides to try to fish under the ice.


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