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Lucky (Moi, moche et m?chant 3)

The lucky goat

The animal that the three girls think is a unicorn is in fact just a goat with a broken horn. It is all white and represented sitting with its two front legs between its back legs. Her muzzle is in relief and we can see the little tuft of hair forming a beard as well as the one above her head. Finally, she has a small horn on the left and the other one cut short.

The unicorn goat

Lucky is a goat adopted by the three little girls from the Despicable Me movies, specifically in the movie Despicable 3. In this one, Gru has lost his job and after he refuses to return to his super-villain activities, most of the minions leave him to find another master. He finds himself teamed up with his brother Dru, whom he hasn’t seen in a long time. Meanwhile, the girls go in search of a unicorn they heard about in the pub and decide to adopt it, even though it is in fact just a goat with one horn.


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