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Fluffy (Despicable Me Minion Made)

A hell of a unicorn

For this Universal Studios exclusive version, Funko has depicted Fluffy with rainbow-colored legs. The rest of her body is white and she sits on her butt. She has a big head that is a little thinner on top, big black eyes and a little pink tongue sticking out of her mouth. Finally, she also has a little tuft of pink hair on top of her head and, of course, a golden unicorn horn on her forehead.

A soft unicorn

Fluffy is the stuffed unicorn of little Agnes in the Despicable Me movies and other movies of this very popular license of animated films. Agnes is one of three little girls adopted by the super-villain Gru because he needs them to carry out one of his evil plans. But over time, he grows fond of the three girls and decides to take them to the fair to have fun and wins Agnes a huge stuffed unicorn that she calls Fluffy. Gru eventually adopts the girls permanently and embarks on a much more legal career. Fluffy will never leave little Agnes and can also be found in the other minion-centric cartoons of the license, as well as in some video and board games.


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