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Spy Gru (Moi, moche et m?chant 3)

Gru the spy

On this figure, Gru is represented with his spy outfit: a black suit very tight and covering his whole body including his head, revealing only his mouth with a not happy expression. His eyes are white to contrast with the suit and we can see the G logo that he wears all the time on his chest.

Gru is a real good guy

Gru is the hero of the hilarious animated films Me, Ugly and Bad. In the third installment, after adopting the three young orphan girls in the first film and finding the woman of his life in the second, Gru has definitely abandoned his life as a super villain. In this episode, he even teams up with his brother, whom he never knew, to stop a new supervillain. A former child star who drifted to a life of super villain after his series was canceled.


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