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Alberto Scorfano Land (Luca)

Between Two Worlds

Alberto is represented here in his human version. He is barefoot and wears the red shorts and the yellow tank top that he always wears in his human version. We can see his elongated head and his very expressive face with pink cheeks and a large open mouth, as if he was talking. Its brown hair forms a thick layer of curls on top of its head.


A Sad Secret

Alberto Scorfano is one of the main characters in the Disney Studios cartoon Luca. He lives on the coast of the Italian village of Portorosso. He is a kind of small harmless sea monster but like all his kind, he takes human form as soon as he is not in contact with water. He is a young boy who lives alone in a tower while waiting for his father’s return, but we learn later that the father has left and abandoned him for good. At the beginning of the story, he meets Luca, a young boy of his kind who dreams of adventure on dry land, although his mother formally forbids it. Together they enter the Portorosso triathlon to win the Vespa that will allow them to discover the world. They team up with Giulia, a young human girl whose only goal is to beat the one who has been terrorizing the city and winning the races for years.


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