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Luca Paguro (Luca)

Adorable creature

Luca is represented here in his sea monster” version. He is placed on a transparent plastic base. We can see his bluish and scaly body. He has arms and legs like a human but also a long tail and spines on his back. At the level of the head, we find its small nose and its fins on the sides of the face. We also find her blue hair and her small green shorts.


A traveling fish

Luca is the main character of the Disney cartoon of the same name. He is a kind of small sea monster living under the sea off the Italian village of Portorosso. Luca is fascinated by the human world but his mother forbids him to go there because it is too dangerous. One day, he meets a boy named Alberto who lives alone in the human world. Luca is tempted and follows him, transforming himself into a human for the first time. Alberto will make him discover the human world and together, they will go to the village of Portorosso in their human version with a precise goal, to find money to buy a Vespa and to leave to visit the world.


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