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Luca Paguro Land (Luca)

An adorable human

Luca is shown here in his human form. He is standing barefoot and wearing the clothes Alberto gave him. It is a blue short with a yellow and blue checkered shirt. At the level of the head, we find his black hair with a small curl falling down on the forehead. He has the cheeks a little pink and a small shy smile.


Great discoveries

Luca is the hero of the Disney cartoon of the same name set in Italy. He is a sea monster living off the coast of the village of Portorosso who dreams of discovering the world of humans. This should be easy since his kind take human form as soon as they are on land. One day, angry that his mother wants to send him into the depths with his uncle to protect him, he finally decides to take human form for the first time, encouraged by Alberto, the young boy he has just met. Alberto shares his knowledge with the young boy and together they form the dream of one day having a Vespa in order to discover the whole world. On their way to visit the village of Portorosso, they meet Giulia who wants to participate in the village triathlon. They decide to team up, hoping that the prize will earn them enough money for their Vespa.


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