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Alex (Minecraft)

An adventurer

Like Steve, Alex’s character is very minimalist and based on the cube or the pixel, which is perfectly respected in the design of the figurine. Alex seems to be the feminine skin with her brown pants and green t-shirt looking a bit low cut. At the head level, she has a small pink mouth and her hair is red with a ponytail going down on her shoulder. Finally, like Steve, she carries a pickaxe in her right hand.


Model human

Alex is one of two standard randomly generated humans in the famous online video game Minecraft. In this sandbox game, the entire environment is composed of voxels, pixels in volume, and the player can modify it by mining natural resources with the pickaxe given to him at the beginning of the game. Afterwards, the player can apply a custom skin to his character but at the beginning, he will look like either Alex or Steve.


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