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Steve gold armor (Minecraft)

A shiny armor

Steve is represented here with his golden armor. In the typical style of the game, he is represented with simple and cubic forms, arms along the body and holding a golden sword. He is wearing a golden armor, the shiny side of which is represented by lighter and some darker pixels. At the head level, we find his brown beard and the golden helmet completing his armor.


A hostile world

Steve is one of the two possible avatars in the famous video game Minecraft. Indeed, at the beginning of the game, the game randomly assigns a male avatar (Steve) or a female avatar, Alex. This game is a sandbox game, that is to say that it has no defined goal and that the player can build and create whatever he wants, he just has to survive. To do this he can mine resources in this world made of voxels. This will allow him to feed himself, to build a shelter as well as other objects like armors that will allow him to defend himself against the numerous strange creatures that populate this world.


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