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Flaming Skeleton (Minecraft)

A skeleton on fire

Funko has represented here a skeleton exposed to the sun catching fire. The skeleton is gray as usual and although the design is simple in the typical Minecraft style, you can clearly recognize his rib cage and the gaping holes that represent his mouth and empty eye sockets. He is holding his bow under his right arm, so he is on fire. The fire is also represented in the form of cubes around his legs and on his head in a transparent plastic gradient from yellow to orange.


Aggressive Dead

Skeletons are among the most common hostile creatures in the popular sandbox video game Minecraft. They are usually armed with a bow and arrow and will chase any player who gets within sixteen cubes of them. Once close enough, they’ll start shooting with their arrow. Although theoretically dead, skeletons also have their weaknesses. Indeed, they run away from wolves since they systematically attack them if they are close. Moreover, they fear the sunlight. If the sun is high enough in the sky, they must take refuge in the shade or in the water or they will catch fire and die.


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