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Skeleton (Minecraft)

A gray skeleton

Funko has represented this gray skeleton as we see it in the game. He is represented in a very stylized way but we can still see the contours of his rib cage and some darker pixels that detail his appearance a little. On the head, he has two big black eyes and a rectangular black mouth. Finally, he also holds his bow in his right hand.


Hostile cubes

Skeletons are some of the most common monsters that players can encounter in the game Minecraft, the famous sandbox game made up of cube-shaped blocks that the player can mine as they wish to find resources and survive. Skeletons have the specificity of being armed with bows and they always behave the same way. They will start chasing a player if the player comes within 16 blocks and will start shooting if the player is within 8 blocks and has a clear view. They will give up if the player manages to get away quickly enough or if the player gets too close, in which case they will run away. When he dies, the player can then recover some resources on him, such as bones but also his bow or arrows.


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