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Tuxedo Cat (Minecraft)

A small square cat

The tuxedo cat is a small gray and black cat and is shown here in shades of gray. His paws are gray with a small pink nose on a rectangular muzzle in relief. There are also white pixels on the outer edge of his eyes. Finally, like all felines, his eyes are green.


Not-so-wild felines

Cats are passive creatures that can be found in certain areas of the famous Minecraft sandbox. Cats, whether black, tuxedo, ginger or tabby, appear in two types of areas. In villages, they appear if there is at least one villager and four beds, and one can appear every minute, with a maximum of ten cats per village. A cat will also automatically appear if there is the presence of a witch in a swamp hut. These cats are mostly black and can never disappear.


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