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Steve (Minecraft)

A minimalist style

Even if it is not specified anywhere, Steve seems to be the standard male character. He wears blue pants with a light blue t-shirt partly tucked into his jeans. At the level of the square head we find his dark skin, his dark brown hair as well as his small goatee and a very simple mouth design. Finally, he holds like all the others his pickaxe in his right hand.


A standard human

Steve is one of the two standard player models in the famous video game Minecraft. In this sandbox game, the player can create and modify his environment by exploiting plant, animal and especially mineral resources thanks to the pickaxe that he always carries with him. This world has the particularity of being composed only of voxels (contraction of volume and pixel, pixels in relief), a simple design that allowed the game to be available on browser before being developed for consoles or even cell phones.


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