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Alex in Enchanted Armor (Minecraft)

A beautiful armor

Alex is represented here with an enchanted armor. This translates into a purple armor in the very minimalist and cubic style of the Minecraft game with just a few pixels showing details. She holds a weapon in her right hand and at the head level, we find her square eyes as well as a few strands of her red hair sticking out of her purple helmet matching her armor.


An enhanced human

Alex is one of the two avatars available to the player in the video game Minecraft. This one is randomly assigned to the player at the beginning of the game and if it is not explicitly said, Alex seems to be the female avatar. All the players have the same appearance at the beginning and they will be able to make their skin evolve with time. Indeed, in this sandbox type video game whose world is entirely made of cubes called voxels, the player has the possibility to mine resources of all kinds. This allows him to find food but also to build shelters or houses in order to stay alive as long as possible. By mining certain cubes, they can also find magical resources that will allow them to enchant objects in order to increase their specificities.


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