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Charged Creeper (Minecraft)

Still strange monsters

The charged creepers have the same appearance as the classic creepers except that they are surrounded by a blue halo. Funko has chosen to represent this one all blue. We find the shapes of cubes typical of the game Minecraft and several shades of blue to express this halo side. He has a body without arms but with four legs, two in front and two in the back. He also has a big cubic head with two square black eyes and a wide open black mouth.


A dangerous monster

Creepers are among the most common and well-known monsters in the sandbox video game Minecraft. They appear wherever the light is dim enough and get their name from their strange and creepy appearance. Creepers chase players who pass close enough to them and once close enough, explode. Creepers turn into charged creepers when lightning strikes close enough to them, especially with an enchantment cast during a storm. This charges them and makes their explosion twice as powerful.


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