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Alice Falling (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

Alice falling

For this exclusive figure, Funko has depicted Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Standing on a white plastic base, she really looks like she is falling. She’s wearing a blue dress with a white apron that looks like she’s serving as a bit of a parachute. She has her hands forward and is still holding a book in her left hand. At the level of her head, we find her blond hair partly tied with a black bow and it floats because of the speed of the descent.


In the rabbit hole of the white rabbit

Alice is the heroine of the animated film Alice in Wonderland of the Disney studios, freely adapted from the novel of the same name by Lewis Carrol. Alice is a young English girl who is bored listening to her sister read her a lesson in her large garden. As she begins to fall asleep, she sees a white rabbit passing by wearing elegant clothes and repeating that he is in a hurry. Intrigued, she follows him down the rabbit hole and finds herself falling for many minutes. When she reaches the bottom, the rabbit is gone and Alice finds herself in a strange world. She wants to go home or at least find the white rabbit, but the characters she meets are not very helpful. Between the Cheshire Cat she meets in the forest and the Mad Hatter she meets with the March Hare celebrating their non-birthday, Alice is not about to find her way home.


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