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All Might teacher (My Hero Academia)

A great teacher

All Might is shown here wearing the outfit he wears when he teaches at Yuei High School. He wears a bright yellow suit with a slightly retro cut that matches the blond/yellow color of his hair. He wears brown shoes and a tie that contrasts well with the rest of the outfit. He stands with a thumb in the air and a big exaggerated smile typical of the character. Finally, we find the kind of M formed by his hair above his forehead.


The greatest superhero

All Might is considered the most powerful superhero in the manga and anime My Hero Academia. In this world, almost everyone has an alter that gives them special abilities that are more or less powerful. For this reason, there are many schools of superheroes. All Might has accepted to be a teacher in one of them, Yuei High School. But All Might has a hidden reason for this. In his true form, he is actually very sick and weakened after a fight with one of his enemies, so he is looking for a young student who would be worthy of his powers and to whom he could pass on his alter the one for all”.


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