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Amy Farrah Fowler (The Big Bang Theory)

Vest and big glasses

Like most of the characters of the show, Amy has a very marked look. She has the typical look of the old girl” dressed by her mother although we realize during the series that she aspires to be much more “delirious”. She usually wears a striped vest over a rarely matching blouse and a straight skirt below the knee. Although she wears flats most of the time, Funko decided to represent her with yellow heels that we see her wearing only once. This adds a welcome splash of color to this figure. Like Sheldon, Amy always carries her purse/bag across her chest. Finally Amy is well represented with her straight brown hair and the little barrette she wears all the time that makes her look like a little girl. Like Bernadette and Leonard, Amy wears big glasses, which makes this figurine really cute.

Sheldon’s girlfriend”

Amy Farrah Fowler is one of the main characters of the show “The Big Bang Theory”. She first appears in the last episode of season 3 when Raj and Howard are looking for a girlfriend for Sheldon on a dating site. When they find a young woman who seems to be a perfect match for him, Sheldon goes on the date and is pleasantly surprised to realize that this is indeed the case. From this point on, Amy is more and more present until she becomes one of the main characters. She is a neurobiologist, which makes her an important common point with Sheldon but she does not share his love for comics or science fiction. Amy and Sheldon will eventually be officially “in a relationship” although they have never touched yet. If as a scientist, she is mostly close to Sheldon, she will also end up developing a strong friendship for the other two girls of the show. She even considers Penny as her best friend, sometimes putting her in quite embarrassing situations.


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