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Raj Koothrappali (The Big Bang Theory)

Between geek and 70’s

This figurine does not seem to represent Raj at a particular moment of the series but with various elements picked in the various episodes and very representative of his style. Except maybe Penny, all the characters of the series have a very marked look which is very specific to them. This gives them a comic character side, well in the geek spirit of this show. Raj is no exception to this rule. As in the series, he wears a zip-up sports jacket very typical of the 70’s, over a vest, himself over a shirt, all in garish colors in general rather mismatched. As usual he also wears cargo pants with many pockets and a more sober color, with sneakers. Finally Funko has well managed to reproduce the color that he describes himself as caramel” of his skin and his haircut, also a little retro.

The boy who couldn’t talk to girls

Rajesh Raj” Koothrappali is one of the main characters of the show “The Big Bang Theory”. Raj works in the physics department at Caltech University in Pasadena, California with his three friends and colleagues Leonard, Sheldon and Howard. One of the main characteristics of Raj until season 7 is his famous selective mutism, which will obviously create many comical situations. Indeed, unless he is under the influence of alcohol, Raj is unable to talk to women. And when he is able to talk to them, with the help of alcohol, he often tends to make big blunders. Raj is particularly close to Howard. The writers will have a lot of fun with Raj’s metrosexuality by putting them both in the situation of a couple. Finally although Indian, Raj hates particularly the Indian food and will often be corrected by Sheldon about his own culture.


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