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Howard Wolowitz Star Trek (The Big Bang Theory)

Another red shirt

For this alternative version of Howard, Funko did not represent him with the costume he actually wears in the episode where he dresses up, but as one of his famous red shirts” representing these unimportant characters in the series who were often the first to die. He wears black pants with a red t-shirt decorated with thin golden stripes on the sleeves and the Enterprise logo on the chest. He also holds his laser pistol in his right hand, and his hair has the characteristic bowl cut.

A real nerd

Howard is one of the main characters of the series The Big Bang Theory. He works as an engineer at Caltech University in California with his best friends and colleagues Leonard, Raj and Sheldon. Even though he tries to look like a big shot, Howard still lives with his mother and is a bit of a Jewish family clich?. With his friends, he shares a great love for science and technology but also for all popular cultures, especially comic books and science fiction series. We see them many times dressing up for events or conventions such as the comic con and one of their favorite themes is Stark Trek, new or old generation.


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