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Leonard Hofstadter Star Trek (The Big Bang Theory)

The Commander

For this Star Trek version of the character, Funko has represented Leonard, not with the outfit he wears in the episode during which he dresses up with a yellow shirt that represents the command in the series. This one is like the others decorated with the symbol of the Enterprise and two golden bands on the sleeves. He wears with that a black pants with matching shoes and holds his pistol in his right hand. At the head level, he wears his usual glasses and his brown hair with the parting in the middle.

The link between two worlds

Leonard is one of the central characters of the series The Big Bang Theory. He lives with his friend and colleague Sheldon whom he met at Caltech University where they are both physicists. Along with their two other friends Raj and Howard, they share a love of science but also of popular culture in general, including comic books, science fiction and video games. If Leonard tries to pass for the most normal of the gang to impress his new neighbor Penny and is often the one who makes the link between his gang and the normal” world, he cannot completely hide his passions. These passions are particularly evident when the four friends go to conventions or other events and take advantage of the opportunity to dress up, often in a coordinated fashion. We could see them dressed up as characters from Star Trek but also from DC Comics or Lord of the Rings.


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