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Penny as Wonder Woman (The Big Bang Theory)

Perfect for the role

For this SDCC 2019 exclusive figure, Funko has therefore represented Penny with her Wonder Woman costume. She is of course wearing the sexiest version of the costume. It’s a red bustier with a golden belt and the shape of a golden eagle at the neckline. The bottom of the leotard is blue with stars to remind the American flag. With that, she wears red boots with a white stripe on top and on the front. She also wears a red cape and holds in her right hand her famous lasso of truth. On her head, her blond hair is styled in a way that reminds a bit of the 70’s fashion and she has a particularly strong makeup on her eyes.

A real heroine

Penny is one of the main characters of the series The Big Bang Theory. She is a bit of an outsider in the group, but she will soon find her place. At the beginning of the series, Penny, a young actress/waitress moves into her new apartment after breaking up with her boyfriend. She meets her new neighbors, Sheldon and Leonard, two scientists and geeks. Although they are very different, Leonard immediately falls in love with her and a friendship forms between the two of them but also between Penny and the other friends of her group. Although she is not really passionate about the geek universe itself, she is sometimes taken in by their delusions. Like the time when Sheldon gets her hooked on the World Of Warcraft video game or when she dresses up as Wonder Woman to complete their Justice League group costume for a Halloween party.


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