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Howard Wolowitz (The Big Bang Theory)

The 60’s are back

Like the other characters, Howard has a look of his own which is inspired by the 60’s and the geek culture among others. He usually wears very bright colors and exclusively very tight pants. As on this figurine, he also wears V-neck sweaters or shirts over a turtleneck. He mainly wears sneakers and has a very large collection of belt buckles mostly referring to the geek culture. Here he is an alien but we will also see him often with a Superman belt buckle. This figure seems to be inspired by a series of promotional photos from season 1 where his outfit is almost identical. Finally Funko did not forget to represent him with his famous bowl cut which will hardly change during the series.

Howard, the mama’s boy

Howard Wolowitz is one of the main characters on The Big Bang Theory. He is an aerospace engineer at Caltech University in California where he works with his friends and colleagues Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj who he is best friends with. Although he acts like an inveterate flirt, he’s actually quite shy and doesn’t have much success with women. Furthermore, despite his age and ample financial means, he still lives with his mother and still behaves like a child in some ways. His relationship with his mother is the clich? of the Jewish mother/son relationship. He maintains with his best friend Raj a fusional relationship which will often be confused with a love relationship, which will be one of the recurring comic springs of the series. In season 3, Penny will introduce him to Bernadette, a microbiologist with whom he will date. After a brief separation they will get back together and will end up getting married at the end of season 5 just before Howard’s departure for his mission in space.


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